24 August 2015


Whale scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are doing a survey to find answers for why 30 dead whales washed up on Alaska's coasts over the last six months. Normally only about 20 wash up so they are calling the matter an unusual mortality event so they can legally open an investigation to supposedly uncover the cause. On July 19, NOAA loaded their new luxury cruise ship, the Reuben Lasker, with whale experts and other executives and head up to Alaska on trip of lifetime at taxpayer expense. (link)

As an excuse for the trip, NOAA Fisheries scientists say that are very concerned about the large number of whales stranding in the western Gulf of Alaska in the last 6 months. A NOAA Fisheries' coordinator said in the release, "While we do not yet know the cause of these strandings, our investigations will give us important information on the health of whales and the ecosystems where they live."

In other words, they will sail around Alaska at taxpayer expense and pretend to gather "important information" using the dead whales as a perfect cover for a relaxing cruise on their new toy.

NOAA whale scientists never intend to get at the truth about why whales beach because if they did, they'd be without a job. The best thing they can do is scratch their head and pretend to be stupid. 

As far what's going on in Alaska waters, a relatively large number of whale-dangerous earthquakes occurred on the south side of the Aleutian Island chain killing a few more whales than normal. This has been going on for maybe 30 million years so there is no reason for NOAA to be alarmed.

This link will take you to the list of earthquakes that started back April.
As I said above, this is not an unusual mortality; it is easily explained by the fact that this year's summer surface currents (due to the El Nino now forming in the Pacific) are floating more dead whales to the beaches, rather than floating them farther offshore. The nearshore surface currents along the Aleutian Islands will first wash the dead and injured whales west along the coast and then out to sea 30 miles or so before the current swings back west. In other words, the waters off the Aleutians move counterclockwise in an oval shape.

Some of the carcasses were rotten when they went ashore. This leads me to suspect that a few dead whales washed in from off the coast of Japan where there has been a lot of dangerous undersea quakes in the last 6 months.
The mere fact that NOAA's whale scientists IGNORE the role that surface currents play in washing dead whales to the beach is extremely convincing evidence that they are covering up the real cause of most strandings. Even a 5th grader should realize that both dead and non-navigating injured whales, just like all flotsam, always floats downstream with the current. The reasons NOAA scientists play stupid is not complicated; as mentioned above, their cushy NOAA jobs would be eliminated if there was no mystery behind why whales beach themselves. Said, differently, NOAA has to mystify the cause of whale beachings so Congress will keep giving them money to buy new ships and take pleasure cruises.

I am also officially warning the public that the US West Coast is in for a huge increase in marine mammal strandings. This increase will become noticeable and alarming just as soon as the Godzilla El Nino that is now building in the Pacific gets a little stronger. In fact, the whole globe will see a big change in the pattern of whale beachings  and shark attacks.

In a few months, the surface currents that normally flow away from the beaches on the West Coast will change and start flowing towards the beach.

Due to upwelling, the normal flow prevents beachings by carrying injured and dead whales offshore. But upwelling will stop during the El Nino and the surface currents will start flowing to the beach, carrying the dying whales to the sand in alarming numbers. There will likely be more standings along the entire west coast of North America than there has even been in written history.

NOAA will continue to IGNORE the current and blame all the deaths on the lack of local food. NOAA scientists will also continue to deny that surface currents play the major role in where both dead and non-navigating live whales wash up.

In fact, they must especially deny that surface currents control the swim path of live stranded whales and dolphins because if they do not deny it, they will be forced to admit that ALL STRANDED WHALES AND DOLPHINS lost their acoustic sense of direction long before they got near the beach.

They will trap themselves in their own lies. And every time they spout a lie, I will be here to point it out. Maybe no one will believe me now, but in due time the truth will comes out.  NOAA can not admit the truth now because if they did, they would be forced to explain why they've been lying for so many decades.

One other serious problem will occur! The increase in strandings will bring monster sharks close to shore. These big sharks will push the smaller sharks away from the carcasses. The smaller starving sharks will be in a feeding frenzy and attack everything that might represent a meal. Surfers and swimmers will be in serious danger and no doubt many will be eaten alive. 

The public can blame these horrifying deaths on the lying whale scientists that work for NOAA!

If you know of any surfers or swimmers that hang around West Coast beaches, please pass this warning along.

I'm mad as hell about the lying by NOAA for three reasons: (1) We will never be able to save our whales until the truth about why they beach comes out in the open, (2) I think lying government scientists are far more disgusting than lying used car sales agents, and (3) NOAA's lies are going to get people killed by sharks.

Capt. David Williams

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