01 October 2015


I warned in my last post (link) on 8/24/15 that the West Coast of the United States would see an increase in marine mammal strandings and shark attacks on swimmers and surfers. The increase I warned about is now underway and will get much much worse. (link)

Here are four of the latest reports:

Santa Barbara   —   On September 27, 2015 Peter Howorth, Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Center reported;“Local building contractor Geoff Crane saw a white shark today off Horseshoe Reef, between Padaro Lane and Carpinteria, while fishing from his ‘Grady White.'  About 45 minutes later the boat ‘Sofia' anchored very close to Crane and got an inspection as well. Crane had seen another white shark in the same location earlier this month.  It came right up to his boat. This is in the same area where kayaker Darren Kenney was attacked several days ago. It's about a 3/4 to one mile from shore. Crane estimated the shark to be about 12 feet in length.” (Photograph courtesy of Geoff Crane) Please report any shark sighting, encounter, or attack to the Shark Research Committee.

Goleta Beach   —   On September 26, 2015 Jon Menzies, Santa Barbara County Aquatics Coordinator reported;“We had another white shark incident at Goleta Beach this morning at 1000 hours. Busy out here. The last few weeks here have been a shark eating its normal prey about one mile out. Today's sighting was half that distance and it seemed to show a bit more interest in the fishermen so we are posting signs of 72 hours notice.” Please report any shark sighting, encounter, or attack to the Shark Research Committee.

Goleta Beach   —   On September 25, 2015 Peter Howorth, Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Center, reported the following;“A shark, believed to be a great white, was seen off Goleta Beach by two fishermen in an inflatable boat early Friday morning. From the size of the dorsal fin and distance between the dorsal and tail fin, it was estimated at least 12 feet long. The shark approached the boat from about 50 feet away, then disappeared, only to reappear again. It was seen between three-quarters of a mile and a mile offshore, past the end of the Goleta Pier. One angler, who is a very reliable source but chose to remain anonymous, had gone out with a friend in his boat to fish for yellowtail. They had already caught one and had it dangling over the side. They were using live mackerel for bait. Persons in another boat farther away also saw the shark. Another unnamed source said that the shark had been thrashing around on the surface a short distance behind some kayakers before it disappeared. Since the shark was well offshore, no warning signs were posted for swimmers.” Please report any shark sighting, encounter, or attack to the Shark Research Committee.

Santa Barbara   —   On September 24, 2015 (Preliminary Report) Darren Kenney was paddling his kayak about 0.75 miles from shore near Carpinteria, located in southeastern Santa Barbara County. It was about 10:45 AM and he had just reached Horseshoe Rock located at Horseshoe Reef. He did not have any bait nor fish in the water, although large schools of Spanish Mackerel and many sea birds were present in the area. The water was a measured 60 feet deep with more than 40 feet of visibility. Kenney reported;“It had taken me 30 minutes to paddle from some offshore kelp beds to the area of the reef. I did not see any marine mammals in the area. Without warning my kayak was struck below, about 3/4 of its length from the bow. I was jettisoned from the kayak into the water. I saw the white shark, from its gills to the tail, a length of about 14 feet. Its girth was massive. The bite to the bottom of my kayak is about 16 inches in diameter.” Additional information will be posted when it becomes available. Please report any shark sighting, encounter, or attack to the Shark Research Committee.


NOAA fiddles will the vicious sharks start swarming in closer to the beaches. NOAA should pay attention to what's going on and issue massive warnings to the public!

NOAA was dumbfounded last month about all the dead whales stranding along the West Coast. I showed in my last post (link) that the increase in strandings was due to a change in the surface currents. Now I see that NOAA is saying (link) that the unusual warm water temperatures may be responsible for the die-offs in some whale populations including humpbacks and fin whales. They still refuse to admit that the surface currents are the major factor in where whales beach themselves.

Here's my bitch with NOAA: The dead and dying whales have no sense of direction; they are swimming or floating to the beach with the flow of the surface currents. It is blatantly OBVIOUS that they are not navigating and have no control over where they beach themselves. Even a fool can see it. But NOAA will not admit that the surface currents control the swim path of dying whales because this would mean that something has knocked out their sense of direction. Either they were hit by military sonar, oil industry airguns, an underwater explosion, a seaquake, a volcanic explosion, or the violent impact of a heavenly body with the ocean's surface. Whatever is the cause, their acoustic sense of navigation has been knocked out. They are as lost at sea as a blind man thrown overboard 20 miles off the coast.

BUT NOAA STILL REFUSES TO ADMIT THAT ALL STRANDED WHALES HAVE NO SENSE OF DIRECTION WHEN THEY GO ASHORE! This opens up a big can of worms for NOAA's ability to protect the oil industry and the US Navy. If it becomes known that all stranded whales are suffering from a loss of navigation when they beach, it will be easy to blame either oil industry airguns, navy sonar, or mother nature. NOAA does not want this to happen because it will become very easy to prove why whales beach themselves.

Moreover, if it becomes common knowledge that all beached whales had previously lost their sense of direction, it will make NOAA scientists look like a bunch of idiots and expose their decades long cover-up of why whales beach themselves. Can you imagine... NOAA has supposedly been trying to figure out why whales strand for 50 years and it turns out that they swim into the shore because they are lost. How stupid does this make NOAA scientists? NOAA has know the truth for all these 50 years but lied about it, figuring the stupid public would just take their word for everything because they are the great NOAA and the public is mostly idiots. They been lying for decades but they won't fess up because they can't stomach the embarrassment. I'll have to drag them through the mud for another 20 years. But in the end, the truth always comes out.

Back to the recent seal beachings.

In 2015, researchers detected 80 stranded animals along Central California’s shoreline. Biologists said that they usually found only a dozen stranded fur seals per year during the same period in the past years (link).

What really worries me is the increased shark attack danger to swimmers and surfers. I do not want to see a human die a vicious death just because NOAA scientists what to continue lying. Whatever shark attack death that come from this will rest on the shoulder of NOAA. Every victim or their relatives should file a lawsuit against NOAA for being dishonest and not warning the public.

Anyone interested in shark attack research should contact me. I find that shark attacks increase in direct proportion to the number of dying marine mammals that swim near shore. We can predict when marine mammals will strand and issue warning for swimmers and surfers to be on the look out for dangerous sharks. Shark attacks cut by cut by 75% if organizations like NOAA would quite hiding behind all their damn lies. All they need to do is start admitting the truth about whales beachings and stop protecting the oil industry and Navy. There are way we can protect swimmers and surfers and there are also ways we can protect whales from the oil and military operations, but we can't do it if our governments continue to lie!

Below is an update of what  I warned in my last post:


I am warning the public that the US West Coast is in for a huge increase in marine mammal strandings. This increase will become noticeable and alarming just as soon as the Godzilla El Nino that is now building in the Pacific gets a little stronger. In fact, the whole globe will see a huge change in the pattern of whale beachings and shark attacks.

The surface currents that normally flow away from the beaches on the West Coast will change and start flowing towards the beach.

Due to upwelling, the normal flow of current on the West Coast prevents beachings by guiding injured and dead marine mammals away from the beach. But upwelling will stop during the El Nino and the surface currents will start flowing towards the beach, carrying the dying mammals to the sand in alarming numbers. There will likely be more standings along the entire west coast of North America than there has ever been in written history. And since sharks feed on these marine mammals, ten times more vicious predators will swim in close to shore where humans hang out!

NOAA will not warn the swimmers. They will continue to IGNORE the inflowing current and blame all the deaths on the lack of local food. NOAA scientists will also continue to deny that surface currents play the major role in where both dead and non-navigating live mammals wash up.

In fact, they must especially deny that surface currents control the swim path of live stranded marine mammals because if they do not deny it, they will be forced to admit that ALL STRANDED marine mammals lost their acoustic sense of direction long before they get near the beach.

NOAA scientists will trap themselves in their own lies. And every time they spout a lie, I will be here to point it out. Maybe no one will believe me, but in due time the truth will come out.  NOAA can not admit the truth now because if they did, they would be forced to explain why they've been lying for so many decades. Continuing to lie will only make matter much worse for the liars!

One other serious problem will occur! As I said above, the increase in strandings will bring monster sharks close to shore. These big sharks will push the smaller sharks away from the carcasses. The smaller starving sharks will be in a feeding frenzy and attack everything that might represent a meal. Surfers and swimmers will be in serious danger and no doubt many will be eaten alive. 

The public can blame these horrifying deaths on the lying whale scientists that work for NOAA!

If you know of any surfers or swimmers that hang around West Coast beaches, please pass this warning along to them.

I'm mad as hell about 50 years of lying by NOAA scientists for three reasons: (1) We will never be able to save our whales until the truth about why they beach comes out in the open, (2) I think lying government scientists are far more disgusting than lying used car sales agents, and (3) NOAA's lies are going to get people killed by sharks.

Capt. David Williams
Deafwhale Society (the oldest marine mammal conservation group in the world)