17 January 2017


Florida Middle Keys (16 January 2016):

Rescue efforts continue Monday in the largest stranding of false killer whales in recorded Florida history (95), taking place at a remote mangrove beach in mainland Monroe County near Hog Key. They swam blindly into the shallows near the Highland Beach area, inside western Everglades National Park and eventually all died. The first reports came in not long before nightfall Saturday (January 14th)

The pod was injured by an extremely shallow (4 km) magnitude 4.6 earthquake in the seabed 25km S of Emajagua, Puerto Rico. The event was reported as felt on the Island. A mag. 4.6 is on the low side for causing mass strandings, but the fact that it was only 4 km deep in the seabed made it much more dangerous than it would have been if were 10 km deep.

In brief, the quake erupted violently and suddenly without precursory signals. The vertical movement in the seabed generated a series of excessive changes in diving pressure that caused barotrauma in the massive cranial air spaces in the heads of each pod member (the most common diving injury is all breathe holding divers).    

According to NOAA Blase Mass, whale scientists will supposedly examine the dead false killer whales in an effort to determine the cause of the stranding.


The reason is simple. There is a grand conspiracy to hide the fact of barotrauma in the cranial air spaces of dead odontoceti because both undersea earthquakes and US Navy sonar produce the exact same injury. If the truth leaks out to the public that the cranial air spaces of whales is just as sensitive as the cranial air spaces of humans, you will then put two and two together and know exactly how the US Navy kills marine mammals.

In other words, they can not let you know that sinus barotrauma during seaquake exposure causes a failure of odontoceti biosonar because you will then know how their sonar and explosives do the same.


The dolphins that stranded off the western edge of Everglades National Park a week ago show some of the same symptoms as the pilot whales that came ashore at nearly the same spot three years ago, a federal scientist said.

In both cases, the animals were emaciated and had empty stomachs and intestines, but it is unclear whether they had stopped eating before or after they left their normal home range in deeper waters and why they ventured closer to shore, said Blair Mase, marine mammal stranding coordinator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the Southeast.

Scientists have yet to identify a cause of the pilot whale strandings from late 2013 and early 2014 and have a similarly long road ahead to pin down what caused this year's dolphin mass stranding, said Blair Mase.

The whale scientists are lying to you and have been for over 50 years!

The agencies taking part in the scam include the Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission, Mote Marine Laboratory, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, Marine Animal Rescue Society, Chicago Zoological Society, National Park Service, NOAA Fisheries, Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research, the University of Florida, U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Geological Survey.

Believe it of not!

Click here for a detail report on this shameful conspiracy! 

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