Only five of the more than 22 short-fin pilot whales that came ashore on a South Florida beach have survived. These five are the youngest and have been suckling during the journey.  Nor where they on the fatal dive since their lungs are fully developed.  Whales too young to dive remained at the surface with a baby sitter; likely the biggest of the five surviving whales.  The young can recover and will likely do so if taken care of properly.

Allison Garrett says the rest died of natural causes or had to be humanely euthanized. She says although there was no obvious sign of trauma or injury to the whales, necropsies will be performed on them. All they need to do is look in the sinuses and cranial air spaces but its doubtful they will do that because of a conspiracy to cover-up sinus injury in whales.

The NOAA spokesman, as usual, said it was unclear why the whales became stranded. "Pilot whales are very social animals," she added. "One scenario could be one of the animals was sick. They won't leave (a sick whale). They'll stay together."

This strong social cohesion bull crap is entirely false. The idea was first published several hundred years ago.  Pilot whales used to be called blackfish and potheads but became known as pilot whales because they were often observed followed another pod member into a sand trap where they were usually slaughtered for their oil. The so called "lead whale" just happens to be the one swimming the fastest to escape the sharks that are lagging in the water just behind the pod waiting on a straggler to fall behind.

Big oceanic sharks don't feed on tiny fishes. They open their big ugly mouths and bite into a whale's ass and then twist and turn and tear off huge chucks.

Sharks trail seaquake-wounded pods like wolves trail a herd of elk. They wait patiently for a straggler to fall behind. The injured whales are aware of the waiting sharks so they naturally stay close to their pod mates. Obviously, the pod sticks close to each other not because of a "strong social bond" but out of fear of being eaten alive. The terror they must experience when alone in shark-infested waters explains why injured individuals, when freed, will not swim away from the beach until the rest of the pod is also free. They are not expressing sympathy for their still stranded pod mates; rather, they know the odds that they will be the next shark attack victim is greatly reduced if they swim away with the group. The main reason these whales live in tight social groups is because there is greater safety for the individual.

Nor are seaquake-injured whales following a leader or going to the aide of a sick pod mate. They follow behind each other because they are terrified to be left alone in shark-infested waters.  They don't swim away from the beach when set free unless the rest of the pod goes with them for the same fearful reason.

One other point:  Most shark attacks on swimmers when injured whales swim by the coast. Many sharks get pushed away from the chance to feed on a fat whale. They are ravenous—driven nearly mad by hunger. They will go after any thing big enough to eat.

The beaches could made much safer and human lives could easily be saved from sharks if the crooked scientists would stop trying to cover-up for the Navy and the oil industry! With the right equipment, time periods can be predicted when wounded whales will approach beaches. Shark warnings can be posted. Much can be done when the whale scientists stop lying to the public. 


A shallow 4.8 mag earthquake occurred upstream from the stranding beach at 3:52:48 AM on July 20th.

Date time    2012-07-20 06:52:48.0 UTC
Location    8.13 N ; 38.16 W
Depth    10 km
Distances    1325 km N Fortaleza (pop 2,311,885 ; local time 03:52:48.0 2012-07-20)
1291 km N Parnaíba (pop 138,008 ; local time 03:52:48.0 2012-07-20)
1244 km N Itarema (pop 10,330 ; local time 03:52:48.0 2012-07-20)

15 seconds later, another 4.8 mag. earthquake occurred 300 km north of the first.  I do not believe that these two quakes were so far apart.  Obviously, the second was triggered by the first so I think they were right on top of each other and more or less part of the same seismic event.

Magnitude    mb 4.8  NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN
Date time    2012-07-20 06:53:03.9 UTC
Location    10.86 N ; 38.35 W
Depth    10 km
Distances    1628 km N Fortaleza (pop 2,311,885 ; local time 03:53:03.9 2012-07-20)
1577 km N Parnaíba (pop 138,008 ; local time 03:53:03.9 2012-07-20)
1541 km N Acaraú (pop 28,389 ; local time 03:53:03.9 2012-07-20)

At any rate, these are the two events I think were responsible for the injury to the pilot whales.

The British sailing ship "Anuraus" was in this vicinity in 1902 when it also experienced an undersea earthquake.

The distance from the epicenter of the quakes to the beach was ~3,000 miles. The time elapsed was about 40 days; thus the whales swim/drifted downstream about 75 miles per day.

Most of the pod died on the beach indicating that they had been at sea for a longer than normal period and were near death when they were washed ashore by the surface currents.

Read more about how earthquakes cause whales to mass beach.

Capt. David Williams, Chairman
Deafwhale Society, Inc. (One of the oldest 501-c non-profit whale research groups in the world, and the only one devoted solely to understanding why marine mammals beach themselves.)


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