09 December 2014

Seaquake Causes 7 Sperm Whales to Beach in Southern Australia on Dec. 8th, 2014

On 22 Nov. 2014, a magnitude 5.1 seaquake erupted in the seafloor along the Southeast Indian Ridge 2006 km (1246 mi) SSW of Perth, Australia.  This area is a known sperm whale feeding habitat. The whales dive along this range of volcanic mountains feeding mostly on squid.

The quake occur at 49.196 S ; 108.748 E. This location is not far from 49.700 S ; 125.870 E where sperm whales were injury by a seaquake on 5 October 2014.  This group stranded at Golden Bay New Zealand on 22 November 2014.

Sixteen days after the seaquake, on Monday morning (December 8), six sperm whales stranded on Parara Beach in the Gulf of Saint Vincent just south of the town of Ardrossan. A seventh whale was found near a jetty later in the day. A fisherman has also reported seeing an eighth whale in deeper water. (see top news report)

Ardrossan caravan park manager Steve Ruddock said a worker at his park spotted some of the stranded whales splashing in the water as the tide headed on the morning of 8 December. This indicates that the whales likely swam as close as they could to the high tide mark, and were left stranded when the water receded from under them.

The quake struck while they were on a feeding dive. The dancing seafloor generated a series of changes in ambient water pressure that caused barotrauma in their cranial air spaces. Since this air is used to deflect, focus, and channel returning echo-clicks, the injury knocked out their sense of direction.

They became hopelessly lost at sea in an instant.

It wasn't long after the stunned whales returned to the surface until the hunger sharks picked up on the taste, smell, and erratic action of the wounded pod.

With no sense of direction on their own, surface currents quickly pointed the swimming whales downstream in the path of least drag. That they travel with the flow is only common sense -- everything lost at sea always swims or floats downstream. Said differently, no blind swimmer can swim upstream against the current for more than a minute or two. If you doubt it, blindfold yourself and go for a swim. You'll be shock at how fast you are swimming downstream.

Now lets look at the surface currents for the week after the injury:

The quake was located exactly at the lower left corner of the chart above. You can see how the lost whales would have swam east along 49 S until they were due south of the area where they stranded. The distance between the seaquake and the stranding beach is about 3500 kilometers. Being dogged day and night by vicious sharks, the pod would have swam about 225 km per day, which would have placed them near the beach were they stranded.


On 09 December 2014 at 13:18:29 local time at the epicenter, a mag 5.1 seaquake occurred along the Western Indian-Antarctic Ridge, near where two recent earthquakes are thought to have injured whales and caused a mass stranding. This quake was listed at a default depth of 10 km and located at: 49.773°S 122.694°E.

This is a known sperm and pilot whales feeding grounds.

Will this quake also cause a stranding? There are a couple of things that indicate it will not. First, it occurred at 1 pm in the afternoon, when most whales are resting on the water's surface. Second, it occurred near a transform  fault. This means that more likely then not, the motion in the seafloor was horizontal. Side to side motion does not generate strong pressure pulses as compared to events with mostly vertical motion.

But... there is so much I don't know about these seaquakes that make it difficult to predict strandings. We will wait and see on this one.  No stranding is predicted. If one does occur, it will happen near Golden Bay, New Zealand sometimes during the Christmas holidays.

Capt. David Williams
Deafwhale Society
(We seek truth, not money!)


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