20 December 2015


Japanese earthquake faults
World's Most Deadly Earthquake Occur in Japan

Whales Can Predict Earthquakes Three Weeks in Advance.  

Killing Them Brings Bad Karma to Japan

read the real reason all whales mass strand

You’ll understand how killing whales causes bad karma on Japanese citizens by the time you finish this article. I promise you'll be shocked!

I am a 75-year-old retired sea captain with 50 years of ocean-going experience who has been working all my adult life to unravel the association whales have with violent undersea earthquakes and volcanic explosions. I am now working on a special project that, if successful, will win a Nobel Prize. Maybe not for me, but certainly for the physicists and other scientists that volunteer to help me.

Japan will be the biggest benefactor and should be the largest financial contributor to this effort; I sure hope they get involved.

Here's the full story.

I used to run an oil supply ship for Global Marine. I was off the coast of Puerto Rico in 1974 delivering a load of drilling pipes to the oil fields just off Trinidad. The seas were flat calm. Suddenly my ship shuddered as if God himself was beating it with a gigantic hammer. The cargo was lost overboard, and several welded seams split open below the waterline. Thankfully, a US Coast Guard cutter was only an hour away. We later found out that our ship had been hit by a violent shock wave from a magnitude 5 seaquake focused less than 5 km below the seafloor along the edge of the Puerto Rican Trench.

I begin to wonder if the same type of shallow-focused quake that hit us might also hit pods of diving whales and cause barotrauma in their cranial air spaces. Since their sinuses play a major role in reflecting, focusing, and generating the returning echoes they use to navigate, such an injury would immediately disable their biosonar system and they would be as lost at sea as a blind man thrown overboard on the darkest night imaginable.

Without a sense of direction, the pod would always swim downstream in the path of least drag--it can be no other way. And since the current is the energy that builds beaches, it just makes sense that the current would guide lost whales to an area where sand was accumulating, not washing away.

In 1988, I started a pilot project to examine the sinuses with Professor Joseph Zwislocki at Syracuse University. Budweiser and Alcoa Aluminum promised to fund it and National Geographic said they would film the initial phase and do a one-hour TV special if we found the suspected barotrauma.

We applied for permission to cut open the whales and look for sinus injury. The US Navy got news of what we were doing, and before I knew it, the Board of Trustees at Syracuse University put the squash on things. Professor Zwislocki told me a few years later that the Navy threaten to cancel other high-dollar research projects if the work on barosinusitis in whales went forward. That's understandable since military sonar, oil industry air guns, and explosives cause the identical sinus injury in diving mammals, endangered sea turtles, and lots of other animals that live in the sea. (read all about how and why the US Navy covers up the truth)

Sinus barotrauma is by far the number one injury is human divers. There is no reason why barosinusitis would not the number one injury in all diving mammals, especially if they were exposed to seaquakes, volcanic explosions, military sonar, oil industry airguns, dynamite, or the violent impact of a heavenly body striking the ocean’s surface. 

The evidence is overwhelming that barosinusitis would indeed occur simply because the air sinuses are the most vulnerable part of every diver’s anatomy. If there is any injury at all from the above sources, barotrauma will be the first to appear. If you are a diver, imagine being hit by a 30-second series of pressure oscillations bouncing back and forth 14 times per second from 600 pounds per square inch positive to 600 pounds per square inch negative? You'd never survive. And, just in case you think 600 p.s.i is a bit too high, Physicists from Goddard Space Flight Center (link) estimated the shock front for a 7.6 seaquake at 6,000 kilobars (100,000 pounds per square inch)

You've probably never heard anyone talk about the seaquake danger, especially to diving whales, sea turtles, diving birds, polar bears, seals, walrus, and fish with swim bladders. However, in 1966, the US Navy made it certain on page 59 that, “SEAQUAKES KILL MARINE LIFE.” (link)  But in 1968, after the nuclear submarine USS Scorpion was sunk by a seaquake, (link) the Navy clammed up. You can’t blame them because every admiral in the Navy would have been fired if Congress got wind of the shocking truth. The admirals knew Scorpion was unfit for service but they sent her and her crew of 99 sailors on what turned out to be a suicide mission (link). They should be charged with negligible homicide and would have been if their cover-up had not succeeded.

Trying to keep both seaquake and sinus barotrauma in whales from becoming public knowledge is why the US Navy and the oil industry contribute, in one way or the other, 97 percent of all the money spent worldwide on whale research. Whale scientists must respect their wishes or they will be blacklisted from their main source of income.

The evidence of this is found in the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972. The US Navy negotiated the insertion of 17 clauses that said our whales must be protected to the "best scientific information available." Sounds good but it was a death sentence for our whales. All the Navy had to do was form a coalition with the oil industry, and use taxpayers' money to fund 97% of all the whale research worldwide. In this fashion, they controlled what became "best scientific information available," because they controlled the whale scientists. If something came out that pointed a quilty finger at the Navy, like deafness in dolphins, all they had to do was fund a counter argument and the "best scientific information available" never surfaced.

For this reason, deafness in marine mammals became a scientific argument funded with taxpayer money. In other words, the US Navy outsmarted everyone and completed gutted the famous Marine Mammal Protection Act. They also control the Marine Mammal Commission and half of NOAA. Everyone important has condemned our whales to die a miserable slow death.

This is identical to how the tobacco industry controlled lung cancer researchers back when Arthur Godfrey was advertising Chesterfields and when the Marlboro Man was riding high in the saddle. Both died of lung cancer. A bit of bad karma indeed.

The US Navy is wrong to suppress my work with whales and earthquakes. Mostly because there is a very safe way to cause whales to swim at top speed away from military and oil industry operations weeks before the noise even begins. I can solve their problem and save whales at the same time. But I can't get the bastards to listen! I used to kiss the ass of both the Navy and the whale scientists but it got me nowhere.

Fifty years of research has convinced me beyond even a shadow of a doubt that cetaceans, having evolved for 55 million years in the seismically-active oceans of the world, can detect earthquake precursors given off by big quakes weeks in advance. There would be no whales in the oceans if this were not true simply because 9 out of every 10 earthquake and volcanic explosion that happen on our planet occurs underwater in the backyard of whales. This is so because 90% of seismic fault zones run under the surface of our oceans and sea. Natural catastrophic disturbances on the seafloor are 100 times more likely to injure whales as they are to harm an elephant that many believe can detect precursors a few hours in advance.

In fact, based on habitat, if you were to pick the most likely animals on the planet to understand earthquake pre-warnings, you'd have to pick those living in the oceans nine to one over land dwellers. 

However, many moderate (mag 5-6) quakes occur rapidly in the very shallow seafloor like the one that whacked my ship years ago. The very shallow events don’t send out warning signals in time for whales to get out of the way. These are the ones closer to the rock-water interface and the ones closer to the diving whales. The deeper magnitude 7+ events always sends out pre-quake signals weeks in advance.

One of the most amazing bits of science recently developed by a NASA physicist, and confirmed by the US Navy, shows that earthquake p-waves from a focal point less than the length of one complete wave (~7 km) travel through the rock-water interface as if the interface was invisible to seismic p-waves. The scientists called this an Anomalous Transparency. The p-waves leave the foci and whack the whales as if they were swimming around in the rocky bottom.

All the things we do not know about seaquakes and whales boggles the imagination. In fact, as far as I know, I am the only person on earth who has devoted any time to unravel how whales deal with the God-awesome energy released by an undersea earthquake. And God-awesome it is—a magnitude 8 earthquake releases the energy equivalent of 1,000 Hiroshima Atomic bombs or 30 billion sticks of dynamite (link). 

What my physicists’ friends and I want to do is try to sort out which signals cause an alarm response in whales. We are hopeful that we can duplicate the signals and play them back and cause whales to flee dangerous operations. Maybe we can, maybe we can’t? We need help from anyone that knows the challenges we face.

And, with the help of almighty God, the whales should be able to teach us how to predict quakes on land.

The USGS is predicting a mega quake will soon strike the Cascadia fault that runs along the West Coast from Seattle to San Francisco. They are also predicting that the super volcano setting in the middle of Yellowstone National Park might explode any day. Scientists say these two major catastrophic events might kill half the population of the United States and may even spell the end of our country as we know it. It is also likely that if just one of these events occurs, it will trip the second one within hours.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the whales would forgive us for slaughtering them and teach us how to save human lives? If so, humans would be obliged to save whales and the oceans they live in. Wow… two unrelated species living in two different worlds, working together to save the planet they share. Can you imagine a more beautiful dream?

Kids all over the world would be inspired.

What do you think? Would you be interested in helping? We need all sorts of volunteers and we need money. My group, the Deafwhale Society has NEVER asked for or accepted a donation since first formed in 1964. We never ask for money because we never had anything of proven value to contribute. Now we do. With God's help and a little money, we can offer the most selfish reason why saving whales would be a great thing for everyone to participate in. There is nothing more selfish than wanting to save your own life and those of your family.

There’s plenty of time, we will be working on the research part for at least 2 years. There will also be powerful objections to such a project. But the help of plenty of people, even if you have no money, will put great pressure on the US Navy and on whales scientists and force them to change their minds and support this work. The US Navy alone could do 90% of the job, but we will have to embarrass them into doing it simply because they will never admit to lying in the first place (link).

If your happiness depends on not offending lying whale scientists or the US Navy, then here’s hoping you or your loved ones don't die during a strong earthquake or volcanic explosion.

And, don’t forget, there really is such a thing as bad karma. The worse example of bad karma is best witnessed in Japan. The Japanese drive whales ashore and slaughter them in a bloody massacre. They continue to send out factory ships to kill whales in the Antarctic under the pretense of scientific research. While all this slaughter is going on, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions continue to kill Japanese in unbelievable numbers. The whales they kill under false pretense possess the knowledge to save millions of Japanese citizens from the same horrible death they inflict on the whales. If they would only do honest scientific research to understand how whales deal with seafloor upheavals, they could end the miserable deaths of their citizens. This is the worse example of bad karma that I have ever heard about.

This same type of Bad Karma could visit the United States, England, Australia, Iceland, Faroes, and other countries that treat the oceans like a dumping ground.  Maybe bad karma will visit the US West Coast and the Yellowstone National Park? I would not live near these places if I had no respect for the great whales and the ocean they live in.

Capt. David Williams


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