18 April 2016


Kills Two Killer Whales in the Same Area 

As noted in the news clip above, shock waves from a seaquake off Cape Beal on the west coast of Vancouver Island killed 5 baleen whales in June 1946 (link). The big deal back in those days was that the fishermen were towing all 5 whales 500 miles to a rendering station on the East Coast of Queen Charlotte Island. It was their lucky day.

What's so different about 2016?

Today when whales are killed by seaquakes off Vancouver Island, the authorities deny that these events can even scare them; killing them is out of the question. Isn't that strange? Why would they recognize that seaquakes could kill whales in 1946 but deny it today? The reason is very simple. Shock waves from seaquakes cause barosinusitis (sinus barotrauma that can easily kill marine mammals and fish outright). This is the exact same injury caused by high-powered sonars, oil industry air cannons, and underwater explosives. If our governments admit barosinusitis induced by seismic upheavals as a cause of injury in protected whales, it is only a tiny step over to barosinusitis caused by sonars, air guns, and explosives.

Did you know that seaquakes were louder than nuclear explosions (link).

In a similar situation to what happened in 1946, two orcas were recently found dead on the west side of Vancouver Island.  Both belonged to the endangered southern resident population, which means that the cause of their deaths must be covered up if it turns out to be a seaquake. The Canadian Department of Fishers and Oceans has already announced that there’s no clear cause of death in either case. (Funny thing is, there never is a clear cause of death in cetaceans!)

On 30 March 2016, the body of a decomposing 22-foot male adult was found floating near Esperanza Inlet, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Thanks to a scar from a satellite tag, DFO officials identified the orca as 20-year-old L95.

A dead female calf discovered on March 25th in Sooke Basin on the Vancouver side of the Strait of Juan de Fuca was thought to be around two weeks old when it died (link). The falsified necropsy reports on both of the deaths are not expected for at least a month, maybe two, or maybe never. 

Just like in 1946, these two deaths were caused by a magnitude 5.4 whale-dangerous seaquake that occurred 86 miles due west of Vancouver Island a little after 3 PM on March 18th (link). The shock waves from this event killed the 20-year-old male, the unknown mother, and her calf. The carcass of the mother was likely taken by sharks or sank in deep water. 

The epicenter was located 87 miles west from Esperanza Inlet where L95 was found. It was 248 miles southeast of where the calf was found. 

The fact that this young orca was found near Sooke Basin brings to mind a young killer whale by the name of Sooke that was also killed by a 5.6 mag. seaquake on 4 February 2012. This quake was146 miles northwest from the entrance to the Juan de Fuca Strait. 

On 11 February 2014, 9 killer whales were killed by a seaquake south of South Island, New Zealand. Even though whale scientists have been well aware of my work with seaquakes and stranded whales for many decades, they refuse to comment one way or the other. They refuse to debate the issue and they refuse to deny it. They also refuse to rule seaquakes out simply because they know they could not do it!

On 30 April 2013, six killer whales with seaquake-impaired biosonar were washed ashore in the early morning hours just east of the village of Heiðarhöfn on the northern coast of Iceland's Langanes Peninsular. Two were dead by the time rescuers arrived. Two others were supposedly pushed back out to sea (link).

There is another strange mystery that involves 5 seaquakes and Morgan, a young female Orca found in 2010 struggling to stay afloat in the Wadden Sea at the southern end of the North Sea. Morgan is now struggling the stay alive in captivity (http://www.freemorgan.org/). Some say she has a hearing problem and bangs into the sides of the pool. These so-called experts tested her ears with a machine that measures whether her brain receives electrical signals sent by her cochleas. This test can only determine if her brain receives acoustic stimulation; it cannot determine if her brain understands the biosonar signals it receives.

Others say Morgan can hear. I agree especially if she was injured by undersea earthquakes. Sinus barotrauma does not destroy hearing; it might crack the cochlea, but the ear bones can heal. The problem is that Morgan uses sound to sense direction. She can likely hear and even learn; she simply has no acoustic vision. Killer whales, like all odontoceti, see inside their pod mates. Their sonar works exactly like the sonograph doctors use to see your internal organs. Surely these animals must gather a lot sensory input by looking "inside" each other. Is there an internal smile? The possibilities are endless when you start to think about it.
Morgan is likely from a pod that feeds on herring in the North Greenland/ Norwegian Sea northwest of Norway.  This area was hit by a series of 5 seaquakes on May 16, 2010 (link).  Morgan's sinuses were damaged destroying her ability to echo-navigate. She swam south about 1,600 miles with the counter current along the Norwegian Coast and into the North Sea. She continued south until she entered the Wadden Sea where she was captured. It would be very interesting to free her for a week or so and see is she could navigate against the current. I doubt it. This is the likely reason they keep her in a prison. The powers that be do not want you to know that a seaquake destoryed her sense of direction.

Both the Canadian Department of Fishers and Oceans and NOAA refuse to look at barotraumatic injuries as a result of sudden pressure changes in the water column during undersea earthquakes. I suppose it is the same in European Union. The reason is that if someone proves that seaquakes cause a deadly sinus barotrauma, this same evidence can be used to show that military sonar and oil industry seismic cannons do the same thing. But the US Navy and the oil industry don't need to worry too much. They pay for 97% of all whale research worldwide so no whale scientist will dare stand up to them.

By the way, 90% of Earth's seismic activity occurs in the backyard of the whales and dolphins simply because 90% of the Earth's seismic faults run along the seafloor. Whales are exposed to nine deadly seismic upheavals for every dangerous event that occurs on land. 

Capt. David Williams
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